Vietnam trip from north to south

Here are the diary of our vacation to Vietnam. My boyfriend and I booked on a 15-day luxury backpack trip in Vietnam in January 2016, from north to south, which meant that all planning was done. The highlights of the trip were Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue & Hoi An As well as Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong Delta, which I share great travel memories from ???
For me, personally, it's also great to read each post again as I recall all the little details of the trip. I'm glad I blogged along the way ??

Days 1-2 Hanoi.

Hanoi capital Hanoi capital

We arrived on Sunday at Hanoi Airport, where we were welcomed by our travel guide, which included the sign: Tommy. Our first two days in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, has been wild. Temperature in the north is between 20-23 degrees. We got a bit of a traffic-cultural shock here; most people travel on mopeds, and there are really, really many of them. We were visiting both days and ate lunch at a local restaurant where they served beef noodles , which was really clumsy if I should be honest ??

Days 3-4 Halong bay.

Halong bay Halong bay

The trip for the third and fourth days was on the ocean at Halong Bay! We had exactly one day on a sailing cruiser - a beautiful and not least big ship where we had our own cabin with bath and sea view from the double bed. We were received at the harbor, Bai Chay wharf and headed down to a small boat that was going to sail us out to our ship. When we arrived we were given a ginger-cinnamon-tea-welcome drink while we were informed about the ship's "rules". We got the key to the cabin and were very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful room with attached bath and toilet and sea views. We got lunch, sailed past the Bat Cave Area and were rowed around for an hour of local Vietnamese where we saw how they lived on the ocean. ??

Days 5-6 Sapa.

Sapa mountain Sapa mountain

The fifth and sixth days of the voyage took place in northern Vietnam - Sapa. Sapa is known for its beautiful rice fields, which are "built" by the mountains. The days consisted of trekking (mountain hiking) between the mountains, rice fields and in local little towns that we passed. On the first day it was sunny and sunny overcast as well as approx. 18 degrees, but the day after it was clear and 25 degrees ?? The trip should be top of the whole package, if you ask me.

Days 7-9 Hue and Hoi An

Hoi An ancient town Hoi An ancient town

The seventh and eighth days of the trip took place in the small town of Hue, located in central Vietnam. We flew to the city from Hanoi after two wonderful days in Sapa . It can be difficult to surpass the amazing experiences we had in Sapa. It was therefore also the "downturn" of the trip as it rained crazily with lightning cloud continuously for the two days we were there.

On the ninth day of the trip, the weather was clear and we were taken to Hoi An through the beautiful Hai Van Pass. Hoi An is a nice little town - and in many ways is special. The flashing neon store style was replaced with nice wooden signs, the streets were quiet, the locals were less "seller" - aggressive, and there were filled with skilled tailors.

Days 10-14 Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city).

Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city) Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city)

After one day in Hoi An we flew on to Ho Chi Minh City (South Vietnam). During the last six days of the trip, we found ourselves in Ho Chi Minh City, located in South Vietnam, with a day out at the Mekong Delta river.
At 12 we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City where we were picked up by a driver who drove us to our hotel, the New World Saigon Hotel . It was the most beautiful hotel in town if you ask me! We checked in and got our key card to the room on the highest floor. Later we went for a walk in the area, ate lunch at a big "street market" with a shadow area (we did not bother us over the heat, haha!), Handed our laundry to a laundry shop. After that we rushed back to the pool at the hotel. It was lovely with a little sunbathing, pool and relaxation ??? The weather was amazing with high sun and 35 degrees.

Personally Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta were the tour's greatest experience followed by beautiful Sapa areas, we will remember for life.
To be continued.