Photography tour, a popular travel activity in Vietnam

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According to the travel companies in Vietnam, in the near future photography tourism will develop as because the country has many heritage sites, tourist attractions, ancient villages and colorful pictures of daily life of the Vietnamese people.

Lovers of photography often enjoy their passion with their journeys to places with beautiful views in order to take a great photos. This type of tourism is called "the photographic tour", and recently a number of travel companies in Vietnam have organized such tours to meet the needs of the clients who love "view-and-shoot".

Adam Hwang, marketing manager of an international tour company in Vietnam said that, although the work is very busy, but Hwang and his friends often bring a camera for a short trip somewhere to take pictures in their spare time. "We do not put heavy emphasis on art of the image, so the photos we take are very realistic and vivid. It is important that when you look through the lens and shoot, a beautiful moment is recorded. We really liked this sense, so we often organize photo trips like this".

Many young students in Hanoi at weekends usually go away to get good pictures of the cabbage flower gardens, orchards or soaring bush of reed. The beauty of nature will help amateur photographers captured many beautiful photos without the need for experience.

As a prevailing movement a large number of young people in big cities often team up to take a picture together away freely. They often go to the popular destinations with stunning views and cultural highlights to take photo. For those who can not go away, they just take pictures in the city where they live, but if you take the time to search for new corners in the city, they can give birth to works of life.

Kim, a 22-year-old student at a university in Ho Chi Minh City said: "To have a picture like that, sometimes the photographers have to roll over, roll back, rolling on the ground to find a nice angle".

Taking a great opportunity, many tour companies in Vietnam have opened many sightseeing photography tours. Their clients are young people, entrepreneurs and foreign tourists, who have the same hobby of Vietnam travel photos.

Long Pham, a photographer and as a tour guide, revealed that domestic tourists love photography tours in the area of heritage and famous scenic spots. Foreign tourists, there are many different requirements. "They asked me to tell them what the best of Vietnam. Although they love the famous tourist attractions such as Hue old capital, My Son sanctuary and Halong bay, but they do not have enough time to take pictures. However, the scene of a school girl wearing white long dress flying in the wind after school, of the workers taking a rest after work or sight of a family reunion in the fire somewhere in the center could attract foreign photographers for several hours. The lens of Vietnamese tourists are used to record beautiful moments, while the lens of the foreign visitors to explore daily life in Vietnam". Son said.

David Hung, Director of a travel company said a group of traveling photographic tour includes up to 10 people, and the company also offers flexible services from the hotel, restaurants and transportation to meet their demand. "Sometimes we have to arrange appropriate objects and scenes to be taken, such as local fairs with pictures of busy purchasing activities or a young woman rowing on the river under the golden sunset.

Ms Anna Tham from Fareast travel company said that the organization of sightseeing photography tours is much more complicated than the normal tours. "The tour operators need seek new destinations, capture the beautiful moments, find the beautiful angles and nice season to advise tourists".

Due to such high demand so the cost of this type of tours is often 25-30% higher than the normal tour for travel companies to offer photographers and models to cater to a small group of photographer tourists. Some tour operators have partnered with professional photographers to organize tours for tourists photographing in the country and abroad.

Based on the specific requirements of the photography tour, a tour guide must be a photographer so they can find spectacular places at each destination and make all arrangements for tourists so that they have unique travel photos in Vietnam.

Nam Viet Travel cooperated with a tour operator in Japan to organize tours for Japanese tourists to take photos, people over 60 years old and have a passion for photography. Because Japanese tourists living in a developed country, they want to explore the beauty of Vietnamese people in daily activities and landscape of a country without urbanization.

Coming to Vietnam, Japanese tourists are often required to take them to places where they can take pictures of hawkers, fishing on the river, Vietnamese festivals, rice harvests, livestock breeding, rural markets, fish markets, or fields of salt. "They are interested in the unique landscapes in Vietnam", photographers Paul Nguyen said.