Over the central highlands

Back to our Vietnam trips. The day before yesterday we brought the boys in Saigon airport, put them in a car and distances them out to the coast of Mui Ne, where we are in the last few days have not made other than to sunbathe, swim in the surf waves and drinking good drinks. The boys arouses proper attention, they are about twice as high as an ordinary Vietnamese, and especially Mads, who has put her hair up in Samurai hairstyle sheep many glances.

Mui Ne is 3-4 hours driving from Saigon and the journey there is most of the time the main road between Saigon and Hanoi. That it is the country's main highway is not reflected in neither its size nor quality. Generally, there are few cars in Viet Nam, most traveling on scooter or motorcycle. The cars are typically trucks, buses or larger vehicles with CHAUFFEUR. All tests come forward and all overtakes everyone, there are several places recorded a solid line, but it has only symbolic value. It is no obstacle to overtake one that overtakes and then simultaneously with flashing lights and honking the horn to point out 'that here I come'. Well the boys slept most of the time, there were several bad accidents along the way.

As fate would have it, we arrived at Mui Ne in monsoon rain, more rain than we ever having experienced here. And now the boys otherwise really down and experience the good weather...Thank God it cleared up the next day.

Riding elephant in Lak lake Riding elephant in Lak lake

Ah, but I have shown just taken a giant leap in history. Last time we were on the blog was just before we were going with Easy Riders Dalat, to Dak Lak, on the motorcycle. We knew that we had agreed to adventure, but that it should be so different we had not dreamed of. At 9 am we stood ready out on the main road with our luggage, very excited on whether there would emerge no Bikers up. No need to panic, they came with freshly washed motorcycles and large plastic poser and laces to tie our luggage to the back of the bikes so it seemed like back support. Equipped with helmets, we drove out of town and into the mountains. Travelling around for two days with two locally experienced guides who could show us everything there was to see who could find the most incredible little coffee / tea places along the way and had tremendous understanding of how when our bottoms just needed to acute pause. At night we slept at Lak lake, which was the original idea that we should have slept in a longhouse, with minority people, but I think they thought we needed to stay overnight, so they recommended us a real bed in a kind of resort. In the longhouse we would have to live with cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and elephants. The elephant then tried the next day it took us through the seas.

After a day's journey through the mountains we ended up in Dalat, which is known as the city of eternal spring. Here is an average temp of 17 degrees. The city is the largest producer of flowers and vegetables, and it is also those that produce wine, Vang Dalat.
The next morning, Peter was out playing golf on a very beautiful track that say the least, was lying in the middle of the city. Peter had had an adorable female caddy, and I was with a spectator and photographer. In the afternoon we headed to Saigon for a walk on 6-7 hours in a good car.

Tomorrow we go to Saigon again and visit on the way Cu Chi tunnels, where the boys hope for that they can shoot with an AK-47...!

By Peter-og-Bettina