Images of Hanoi life in the early morning

Not noisy, bustling and stuffy as usual, Hanoi streets every early morning is very peaceful and tranquil
Photos of daily life in Hanoi
Except those who have to get up early for their livelihoods, most early risers are elderly people, regardless of the weather they practise very hard.

The generations by the Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning.

The man practising Tai Chi by Hoan Kiem lake.

Older men talking happily by the lake after several times walking around the lake

Older women and ladies chatting in the early morning

Many old people in Hanoi still keep the habit of updating the news from the morning newspapers.

Start a new day with the news in the newspaper despite the online network update every hour, every minute.

Relax while waiting for customers early in the morning

A woman in Hang Bac street taking a breath of fresh air early in front of her home.

Early breakfast on the pavement of Hoan Kiem street.

A tea shop ready for customers.

Graffiti drawings only appear when the store closes from midnight to around 7am, 8am daily.

A woman carrying vegetables passing through the men sitting quietly over a cup of tea cup near the lake.